Noah Slack’s Impressive Automotive Skills

Noah Slacks Impressive Automotive Skills

Staff Writer

For such a small population, Manville has a wide variety of student talent and involvement. One that stands out is some of the students that go to Vo-Tech to participate in various programs from cooking to cars. One student that participates in Vo-Tech is a sophomore, Noah Slack. He is a part of the automotive portion there in the mornings.
Noah has gone above and beyond his Vo-Tech duties and highlighted his trade in real life! One day after school, he stuck around for an extra 20 minutes to help a fellow Manville teacher jump her car as the battery was dead. As another teacher approached to help, Noah waved him off communicating he got it and that teacher should go home and spend time with his family. The Manville community would not only like to recognize Noah’s impressive automotive skills, but also his thoughtfulness towards the staff.  There wasn’t even a question as to him helping out it was like an instinct and he just did it.
Thank you, Noah!