2019-2020 Staff

Vivian Dickson

Staff Writer

Vivian Chiazon Dickson is a freshman at MHS. She was born on a cold, dusky day on the month of January. She was born in the town of Somerville, but she lives in Manville today. She lives with her mother, her father and her 4 other...

Czedric-Brandon Datu

Editor & Staff Writer

“Dream big! That way you won’t feel sorry about it even if you can’t make it!” -Adlay (Epic Seven) Czedric-Brandon Datu is your average teen who stays at home and likes going outside sometimes. At home, he’s either...

Sara Sobkowicz

Staff Writer

Sara Sobkowicz is a senior at MHS. She is the president of the student council and has been involved with the marching band, drama club, digital media club, and the national honor society. She enjoys making pinterest boards, rew...

Steven-Mark Datu

Editor & Staff Writer

Steven-Mark Datu is an editor and staff writer for the Manville High School Hoofprints newspaper. He is an aspiring artist, an avid reader and writer. During his free time, he can be caught enjoying a hot cup of tea and listening...

Kayla Knape

Staff Writer

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” -Oscar Wilde Kayla Knape is a staff writer for the Manville High School Hoofprints. She joined Hoofprints as a result of her passion for writing....

Ivanna Maldonado

Staff Writer

Ivanna Maldonado is a senior at Manville High School, and has been apart of journalism and partial newspaper club ever since freshman year of high school. Ivanna is a writer for Hoofprints and for MHS. She is a fan of anime, writing,...

Jayson Hernandez

Staff Writer

Jayson Hernandez is fourteen years old, athletic, and loves to make people laugh. He hopes the articles can connect people so that they feel updated with news. The message he tries to get out there is to never give up and always...

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