Congratulations Chloe Gosk, the recipient of the Wellesley College Book Award


Staff Writer

Chloe Gosk, an 11th grade student at Manville High School, has made her name known in the Mustang community whether that be her involvement in the Speech and Debate club, her musical talent playing 3 instruments, including the clarinet, bass clarinet, and the tenor saxophone, or her standing on the stage performing the plays for the past few years. 

Chloe’s most recent, notable accomplishment consists of the MHS Scholarship Committee selecting her for the 2020-2021 Wellesley College Book Award. This program recognizes young women who have excelled and stood out in their community. Additionally, they are recognized based on their academic achievement and their overall character. 

Ms. Christina Wright communicates, “We would like to honor Chloe for her academic record, exceptional character and the significant personal contributions you have made to our school and/or community.”

Congratulations Chloe! We know you will continue to leave your mark as you embark on your senior year!