Manville’s Janely Muniga Awarded 3rd Place in the Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest


Staff Writer

In March 2022, Manville High School’s very talented Drawing students entered their pieces in the VFW Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest. At the beginning of May, it was revealed that Manville’s 9th grade student, Janely Muniga, was awarded 3rd place!

According to the VFW’s website, this contest began in 1979 and the purpose is to recognize up-and-coming artists while also promoting patriotism. Each year, more than 4,000 high schoolers participate in this content. The National President’s Theme is “Soaring Above and Beyond;” in addition, the artwork had to be on canvas or paper. The artwork is then judged based on the theme as well as technique.

Manville community is proud to recognize Janely’s creative and talented artwork, which also awarded her a cash prize. Not only is Janely receiving a cash prize for her unique hard work, but a veteran also communicated that they would like to purchase her piece for a very generous sum.

Congratulations, artist!