Congratulations to Manville’s Own, Pat Gorbatuk for being Named Week 2’s Coach


Staff Writer

Manville’s own, Pat Gorbatuk, has been named Lou Rettino High School Coach of the Week for week 2 by the New York Giants and Gatorade. The Manville Mustang Football team is currently 2-0 with having won against Dunellen High School and Montclair Kimberly Academy.

Pat Gorbatuk was honored to receive such a prestigious award, however, he communicated that “the best part of being recognized by the New York Giants and Gatorade is that our MHS Football program will be receiving $2,000.00 to spend on our student-athletes.” Having many of the community members, as well as Manville students being impacted by the recent hurricane Ida flooding, this money will definitely be a bit of a saving grace for the team.  Regardless of what the town went through, Manville stepped up and together to have a winning start to their season. Gorbatuk explains, “Every season presents different challenges. Unfortunately, this year’s challenge has been Hurricane Ida so I believe that my efforts towards helping our community in a time of need and our early success this season helped win the award.”

Being the Head Football Coach is not the only sport Gorbatuk is involved with at Manville High School. He also coaches wrestling where he has received most of his coaching awards, so receiving one for football makes it more meaningful as he states, “I feel it validates my ability to coach football and be a strong leader in multiple areas.”

Winning the Lou Rettino Coaches award hits a special place in regards to the Manville community and Pat Gorbatuk himself as he explains, “Winning this award had a personal connection because it is named after former Union High School coaching legend, Lou Rettino. Coach Rettino was Mr. Magliacano’s high school coach and was a coaching mentor to our late defensive coordinator Carmen Guarino who won 9 state championships while at Union High, who sadly passed while at Manville in June of 2019.
Head Football Coach, Pat Gorbatuk, has definitely demonstrated and earned being recognized as the Lou Rettino New York Giants and Gatorade Week 2 Coach as his leadership soars on and off the field.