The First Spring Track & Field Meet of the Season


On Wednesday 21st, the MHS Track and Field team had their first spring track meet of the season. Spring track started on April 1st, and for the past 3 weeks everyone has been working extremely hard in anticipation for the meet. Track & Field essentially has three main teams; sprinters, long distance and throwers. With that being said, there will be more than just sprinters, long distance and throwers. Competing there will also be huddlers and other teams. The duration of the meets depend on how many schools will be attending and how many events will be happening at the meet. There are meets that last about an hour on one hand and meets that last for three or more on the other. This particular meet was about 2 hours. In each event, the boys always start first, then the girls go second. The meet started with the huddlers because the equipment that is used for it was already on the track. Then, the sprinters did a 100, which is one fourth of a track. After the sprinters were finished, the distance team did a mile around the track. Then, a mix of long distance, sprinters, and huddlers did a 400, which is basically a lap around the track. In the end, everyone who competed did extremely well and the coaches were very proud.