Student Spotlight: Brandon Alvarado and Chris Morales Show MHS the Virtual Teamwork we Need!


Staff Writer

Many students are currently trying to navigate the virtual classrooms, however the freshman are definitely at a big disadvantage due to the fact they are now also trying to figure out high school virtually. Unfortunately, it is easy for many students to become disengaged, especially with classes they are not the most interested in to begin with. However, at Manville High School we see many students working together to overcome obstacles even through a computer screen.

Two 9th graders, Brandon Alvarado and Chris Morales are currently taking Traditional Crafts with Mrs. Wiliams. As many students are feeling overwhelmed, Brandon communicated to Mrs. Wiliams duirng a virtual breakout room that he just needed some time to release. Mrs. Wiliams then participated in another breakout room with Chris where he expressed he was not a fan of art, as many feel. Brandon then joined the breakout room after taking the time he needed and suddenly came to Mrs. Wiliams’s rescue! 

Brandon directed Chris on the Architecture project and step by step helped set Chris up with Google Docs on his phone and instructed him through the entire process of doing the project, taking a picture, putting it on Google docs, and then posting it on Canvas.

By the end of class, well actually a few minutes after 2:40 PM, also highlighting the two freshman’s dedication, they were both smiling with a sense of SUCCESS! Mrs. Wiliams communicates, “It was so heartwarming to witness!! I haven’t seen Chris smile once so this overjoyed me!! They both went above and beyond my expectations!! I want to applaud both of them for working past school hours, and putting in that extra effort to get the job done.”

Currently, we find ourselves separated by a screen, not wanting to conversate with one another; many have gotten into this independent loop. These two freshman students are not only trying to understand high school, but are trying to figure it out virtually as well. It is a big accomplishment to have two students work together to overcome an obstacle and be successful at it!

Mrs. Wiliams agrees stating, “They should both be recognized for letting go of their negative thoughts and feelings and really doing something good for each other and for themselves.”

Brandon Alvarado and Chris Morales set examples of how we can still work together through a screen and accomplish difficulties as a team.