Manville Marching Band Presents Aftermath

Kaylee Pfeiffer

The scene begins with a rebel holding on to her last ounce of hope for escape, a saxophonist displaying the emotion of the scene that parallels that of the rebels face, the rebellion has taken its first toll on the citizens. Enter the military-fearsome, and strongly they take down the last fighting rebel forcing her join their side: the military has intervened. 

The story continues through the ballad; it’s slow but hopeful tone, gives inspiration to the uprising and those fighting for freedom. Gold flags used to symbolize the shimmering longing for freedom. 

Finally the closing number begins. This is war. Flags using both gold and red accents the war is fought at its height. The military fights those who defy it, using their last breath to see the rebels have won, they have been overthrown. 

Manville High School Marching Band is proudly presents their 2019 show, Aftermath making its debut this past Friday, September 13 at the Manville V. Bound Brook game. 

Visual solos featuring Color Guard Captain, Kaylee Pfeiffer, Flag Captain, Isabella Cano, Rifle Captain, Yiraldo Campos, and fellow guard veterans Alyssa Medina and Sara Sobkowicz provide show stopping emotion to convey the story of hope, fear, anguish and victory. 

Instrumental solos include Erika Gonzales, Amber Kesolitz, Jake Sanders, Justin Chey and Anthony Yakobchuk lead by Horn Sergeant and Senior, Mackenzie Brown. 

“[This show] has so much potential,” says Cano, “[It’s] one of the best shows the school has ever seen.” 

When asked if she was eager for the debut of the show, Brown exclaimed, “I’m really excited. I think it’s a really interesting, complex show.” 

The marching band in 2018 began their competitive season with a 75.47, but hope to beat that score during their first competition of the 2019 season on September 21st at North Highland High School.