Could this Design of a Home on Mars be the Breakthrough that NASA Needs for Further Exploration?


Scott McGinn

Three people entered into a 3D printing competition run by NASA.  The competition was seeing who could build the most suitable house for living or for being stationed on Mars.  This is the entry that ended up winning the contest.

This picture shows how designer Bryan Versteeg made a very Star Warsesque house on Mars which isn’t as unrealistic as some may think.

Bryan was collaborating with Mars One – a project where they want to have a suitable living situation for humans by the year 2025.  This team wants there to be a series of innovative structures on the surface of Mars.

A house on Mars has to have sustainability first, so crops can grow inside, which is the flaw with most domed designs like this.  There is not a sustainable way to grow crops or produce for sufficient living.

This is a sneak peek of what the interior of this structure would look like.  Mars One and Bryan Versteeg wanted to design a forward-looking home where one of the main aspects is sociability.

Aside from the sophisticated science behind this designs, you can’t deny it’s inherent beauty. Fingers crossed that the InSight robot discovers that Mars’ interior is stable and fit for human life. We could all be off this planet within our lifetime!