Tainted Alcohol in Foreign Countries

Tainted Alcohol in Foreign Countries

Cristal Garces-Soares

Picture yourself on a very relaxing vacation right now in a foreign country by the beach. The hot sun kissing your skin, the fresh breeze, the peacefulness surrounding you. When you travel to the destination you most desire the least thing you are worried about are the dangers you can possibly face. You are so distracted by the excitement of a new adventure.

However, over the past years tainted and unregulated alcohol being sold to tourists has been increasing. Several resorts in touristic locations in Mexico such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen have been reportedly drugging travelers. Many of whom were found passed out after just drinking a small amount of alcohol. While some were actually found deceased.

Many other countries face the same danger as Mexico, such as India. In the month of February 2019 at least 133 people had died from unregulated alcohol while another 200 were hospitalized.

The cause for many deaths and hospitalizations were tied back to a brewery where alcohol was made by a 65-year old woman, Dhraupadi Oran and her 30-year old son, Sanju Oran. Instead of using ethyl it is suggested that the two used methyl which is very poisonous.

News reporters around the world are warning the many people and families who travel to these dangerous locations each year for spring break or even summer vacation. There are many ways to stay safe and it is strongly advised for annual travelers to be aware and stay cautious of the risk factors.