March Athlete of the Month: Amy Fields


Taylor Sniscak

With the recent beginnings of spring sports starting at Manville High School, new students are introduced into the pool of getting elected as athlete of the month. Although Amy Fields, elected athlete of the month, is involved with several sports all throughout the year, she is a very strong start for the new spring season. 

Upon being recognized for athlete of the month, Amy claims she was surprised and unsuspecting by this title, yet she was very excited. When asked about her dedication and time put out for her athletic training, she states that any free time she gets is put into training. 

Amy Fields goes into detail about how many positive memories she has with sports, like the friends she’s made or how much fun she has had at the chaotic after-meet hangouts. She is involved with the Marching band (Sophomore through Senior year), Winter track (Junior and Senior year), and Softball (Freshman through Senior year). She would like to take her four-year dedication to softball and three-year dedication to marching band to RVCC where she plans to attend college. 

Her achievements include: running two events for winter track, those two being a 55-meter dash and a 200. Her overall PR for the 55 dash was 8.72, and her PR for the 200 was 30.6. Concluding with this, MHS would like to congratulate Amy Fields on being Athlete of the Month for March 2023; keep up the good work!