January’s Athlete of the Month: Daniel Wildgoose


Kicking off the new year in Manville High School, January’s Athlete of the month was Daniel Wildgoose. Looking back on the beginning of the school year, Daniel dedicated a big part of 2022 to his athletic career, through football and wrestling. This title was well earned through his hard work and dedication in these sports. 

After talking to Daniel about his newly earned title, he claims he was surprised and not expecting to be chosen as athlete of the month. When asked about his dedication to sports, Daniel really focuses on his wrestling, claiming that it is where he is currently putting most of his time and effort. 

Wildgoose’s favorite memory from the 2022-2023 school year was tournaments with his teammates, he follows with, “It gets really boring and it’s fun actually to hang out with my boys when we are bored.” 

Daniel Wildgoose has been involved with football and wrestling since 3rd grade, meaning he is very dedicated to these sports and would like to make a career out of them. When asked, he said he wanted to go to college and continue playing these sports. 

He placed 3rd in a season-opening tournament for wrestling, placed 2nd in the county tournament, and currently has 27-5 record this season. With all of these accomplishments under his belt, it only makes sense that this title was given to him as athlete of the month, in January 2023.