December Student of the Month: Cami Galvez


Alison Rindgen

Every month Manville High School recognizes a student’s hard work by recognizing them for the “Student of the Month” award. For the month of December, the school has chosen Cami Galvez! 

We recently spoke with Cami about this award. She shared that it was an honor being picked and that she is super thankful. It was rewarding for her to know that everything she contributes does not go unseen. When asked how much dedication is put towards her studies, she states, “I always try my best in my academics. I always attempt to get preferably A’s in my classes, sometimes a B. I’m always up for doing extra credit if it’ll give my grade a boost. Every day I try my best to give 100% in every class.”

Alongside her academics, Cami is also very involved in many activities and sports in the Manville community. She is a varsity cheerleader, softball player, and volunteer coach for the ABIS winter cheer team. Cami is also the treasurer of the International Club and an officer for the student council as well as being in the drama club and in MHS’s concert choir. She wraps up her time as a part of the A/V club and being an A/V student helper for the school.

Cami’s future plans are undecided, but she would love to pursue performing in a musical theater environment if possible. She also has had thoughts about being a music teacher or something in the criminal psychology field. Cami would like to give a big thanks to her family and teachers for always motivating her to be the best person she can be, and for always giving her support. Congratulations Cami for getting December Student of the Month!