Katie Perez Student of the Month for January


Stephanie Marabito

Manville High School’s student, Katie Perez, has been nominated for student of the month. Perez has communicated her feelings on being nominated, “I felt really surprised if I am being honest. It was the last thing I was expecting.” 

Being selected for the student of the month at MHS is rare; it’s important that students put their pride and dedication into their academics. Katie Perez expressed, “I take my academics rather seriously. It does take into factor my level of education.” 

Many students are involved with extracurricular activities in school to be more well-rounded students and Katie follows in this as she states, “I am involved with the MHS drama club.” 

There’s a future beyond high school for many; it can include going straight to work for some, or it can include going to college to further higher education. Katie’s plans include furthering her education. “I do plan to go to Raritan Valley Community College to pursue a degree in Law/Criminal Justice.” 

Lastly, she articulated her words of gratitude, “I just want to say a great thanks to the teachers who nominated me and for recognizing my academic efforts.” 

Manville High School congratulates student of the month Katie Perez!