Transgender Pride in November

Transgender Pride in November

Aspen Mora

The entire month of November has many different dates dedicated to highlighting and celebrating transgender/gender non-conforming people. These dates also include some days when many can celebrate their pride.

These days include:

The first Sunday of November is recognized as Transparent day, for gender non-conforming parents who feel like the traditional “Mothers/Fathers Day” does not fit them. 

November 20th is Transgender Day of Remembrance, to honor and remember the transgender people who have been killed in events associated with transphobia (hatred/fear towards transgender/gender non-conforming people). It also serves as a day to raise awareness of the continued violence and hate toward those who fall under the transgender umbrella.

The first two weeks of November is Transgender Awareness week.

Lastly, November 8th is Intersex Day of Remembrance. (Someone who is born intersex is born with both male and female biological traits.) 

As a trans person myself, I’d like to take full advantage of these days by celebrating my pride. Here are some ways to celebrate your pride/help your transgender friends celebrate 

As an ally: 

– Attend a pride parade or event
-Be a supportive ally towards your LGBTQIA+ friends/family
-Volunteer or donate to charities
-Research/educate yourself on LGBTQIA+ problems
-Celebrate LGBTQIA+ positive news
-Post on social media
-Get a cake and decorate it according to your identity

However one chooses to celebrate, do it with pride and awareness!