Guide to Surviving College Prep

Guide to Surviving College Prep

Amy Fields

Seniors have to juggle a whole lot, between being serious about getting their school work done and handling any extracurricular activities, while also having to prepare themselves for the future. This year is my senior year and I feel as if no one will ever fully be prepared for it. It can be quite overwhelming and stressful, but there are ways to deal with it and make it somewhat easier. Seniors, you most definitely are not the only one that feels as if you are climbing Mount Everest.

We feel as if we get bombarded with not only school work, but now also college preparations. There are many essays and resumes to fill out, lots of college visits, tests, and details to figure out as well. Yes, one may have to learn how to handle all of these necessary planning steps, but when it’s taken little by little it gets easier.

If one is feeling overwhelmed by demanding college applications, another route to consider is attending Raritan Valley Community College. Many students decide to go to RVCC which conveniently can be viewed as a less demanding process in regards to applications and requirements, compared to a traditional 4-year college. In addition, attending the RVCC route can be beneficial because of the financial aspect as well as it provides a stepping stone to earning a higher degree.

Another source of help for college prep is Middle Earth. This organization helps so much with college preparations and guiding students through the process of all the stress and confusion. Middle Earth meets with everyone signed up during lunch or study hall. The organization will get anyone set with colleges to look at and help them figure out what they really want for school.

It is encouraged that instead of seniors prolonging their stress, use this guide and reach out to resources to push through it and be successful!

MHS peers, teachers, counselors, and parents all most likely want to help and will always have the knowledge to share with everyone! Just be open-minded and focus on figuring it all out instead of stressing out about it!