October Student of the Month: David Kuznetsov


Ciara Johnston

Every single month a specific student is chosen to be titled as the student of the month for their personal accomplishments. This month a student by the name of David Kuznetsov was chosen as the best of the bunch. Typically, a number of students are nominated for SOTM. They are then interviewed and questioned and whatever student gets the most votes is who is titled as the student of the month. When Kuznetsov was asked how he felt about his accomplishment, he stated that at first, he was nervous due to the thought that he was in trouble. However, he was then congratulated by Mr. Wright, the MHS principal, for achieving the title of student of the month. He then states that “I felt relieved, and then excited that I was actually chosen for student of the month”. Kuznetsov is a very dedicated student in terms of academic success and says that he is mainly inspired by his good friend Nick Bentz as well as, who he calls the “Holy Trinity”, consisting of Mr. Moore, Mrs. Paplaski, and Mr. Shannon. He is involved in the MHS forensics team as an impromptu speaker and is a member of the Middle Earth Youth College Readiness Program (YCRP).

After high school, Kuznetsov plans to major in business administration or sports management for the ultimate career as an event coordinator in professional sports. As a very intelligent and accomplished student, MHS believes in Kuznetsov and hopes for the best for him in the future. Congratulations to David Kuznetsov, keep up the amazing work, and continue to use your drive and power to accomplish your goals.