September Student Of The Month: Anna Kontos


Patricia Fragoso

This year’s student of the month is Anna Kontos!

 How did she feel about being elected for the student of the month? Anna states, “I was very surprised when I was called down to the main office. I had no idea I would be elected.” To be recognized as the student of the month, MHS students have to excel in grades and school. Ms.Kontos exemplifies this as she states, “I value my academics and spend much of my time keeping my grades up. I dedicate many hours to completing my work while balancing work, practice, and social life.” She keeps her academic grades to a high expectation as she takes a variety of rigorous courses. Not to mention, on top of her academics, she also has her social life as well on top of that her job.

Ms.Kontos is also very involved at Manville High School! She runs in cross country, winter track, and spring track; to add on, she is a member of NHS, the drama club, and is part of the student council.

After graduation, she plans on attending a four-year university next fall after graduation. Congratulations to Anna, being the first Student of the Month for the 2021-2022 academic school year!