April Student of the Month: Todd Peterson


Alexis Garcia

Every month there is a new student of the month. Due to his accomplishments, Todd Peterson is this month’s pick. A number of students get nominated monthly and teachers vote for a specific student. The student that gets the most votes wins. After interviewing Peterson and asking him some questions about it, he stated that he felt extremely excited and rewarded for the efforts that he has put in at school.  A decent portion of his day goes into academics, clubs, and studying. When it comes to clubs, Peterson is involved in a variety of activities such as cross country, winter track, spring track and field, forensics, marching band and jazz band. You can say that Peterson is a very busy student at that! 

In the future, Todd Peterson plans to study astrophysics or applied mathematics in college, in pursuit of becoming a college professor. With the way that Todd Peterson is going, he has a great chance at that. He says, “Thank you so much to all of the teachers that not only make learning enjoyable, but make me feel like an important person!” Being a junior during this pandemic is extremely difficult, yet even with all the clubs and extracurriculars Todd has going on, he was able to push through and get these awards. Congratulations, Todd Peterson!