Athlete of February: Shane Sarathy


Clare Reilly

In February, Shane Sarathy was nominated as athlete of the month! Shane talked about how he felt being on the team, and being nominated as athlete of the month. Shane was asked how he felt about being elected and he was surprised. He was thrilled and he claimed that he had no idea that he was even being considered. This senior puts everything he has into each basketball practice and game! He communicates that since he doesn’t know when his last game will be, he pushes himself to the limits every time he is on the court. He hopes his basketball career does continue as he would like to play ball in college, where he plans to study engineering.

Shane played varsity basketball for three years and what’s his favorite memory you ask? It was his last game of the season where he had the duty of guarding the other team’s best player! The Mustangs finished off the season with the highest score yet, and they felt accomplished finishing off with an awesome win. Basketball is not his only sport though, as he also played one year on varsity baseball. Working as hard as he did to be at his top game and being noticed, Shane is very grateful for being rewarded February athlete of the month. Congratulations Shane!