NJ Driving Road Tests Canceled


Fatima Diarra

This may not be news to those hoping to take their road test this spring, but the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) is closed. They are no longer doing business at the NJMVC, but instead are online and through phone calls. To avoid having to come to the New Jersey MVC, they have provided extensions to certain documents and plans to handle all the missed appointments.

What documents have been extended? The commercial driver licenses (CDLs) and commercial learner permits (CLPs) are both going to be extended to June 30th. This is only for licenses that were set to expire between March 1st and June 30th. If your permit expiration date falls inside this time frame, then you can still use it to practice driving until the new expiration date of June 30th. 

Those who were scheduled to take a road test this spring will need to wait for the MVC to reopen. The NJMVC said that once the building can be reopened again, those who got their tests canceled would take priority. They will also increase capacity so that more drivers can get through their tests to prevent a backlog of appointments. 

What can you do now? If you are already a permit holder, then continuing to practice will keep your skills sharp. Driving around town or practicing parking in an empty parking lot will prepare you for when the road tests continue. For those who do not have a permit and still haven’t taken the driving test, going through a few practice problems here and there will keep the information fresh for when you can take it. 

If there are other documents or questions that are specific to the MVC, you can find more information on their website https://www.state.nj.us/mvc. Remember to drive safe and follow the law.