Cause of Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Comes into Question

Sara Sobkowicz

New York City’s chief medical examiner claims that Jeffery Epstein had taken his own life by hanging himself while incarcerated, but recently a private forensic pathologist has come forward with contradicting allegations. Hired by Epstein’s family, Michael Baden has made clear that he believes that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. In fact, he claims that the autopsy suggests that the cause of death is evident to be a homicide and not a suicide. Many have theorized that a high-profile individual involved with Epstein’s dirty business did not want any information that would jeopardize their career to be leaked by Epstein, so they got rid of him by committing homicide. Jeffrey Epstein, was a convicted sex offender, was awaiting his trial upon new sex trafficking allegations and had been taken off of suicide watch the day of his alleged suicide. He had previously involved himself with many public figures, which brings up the question of whether or not celebrities had been involved with Epstein’s alleged sex-trafficking. Considering Epstein had passed before his trial, no one was able to testify for or against Epstein.