Governor Murphy Pushes for Gun Safety

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Governor Murphy Pushes for Gun Safety

Mark Datu

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Issued on September 10, 2019, Executive Order No. 83 promotes the adoption of gun safety principles by gun retailers and manufacturers that do business with New Jersey. The overall adoption of laws in regards to gun safety is a response to the constant gun violence issues found in the United States as a whole. 

“Gun violence is a crisis with nearly 100,000 gun related incidents each year in the United States and over 2,000 shootings each year in New Jersey,” addressed in the Executive Order No.83.

Governor Murphy has made it his priority to lead New Jersey into gun safety with sensible laws and orderly precautions. The executive order builds off of previous gun laws enacted by the state, however this mainly focuses on firearm distributors and manufacturers. 

Under the executive order, the practices and policies of gun retailers and manufacturers that do business with the state will undergo investigation and be reviewed by the state of New Jersey. Disclosure of the standards set by the manufacturers and retailers will also be requested on behalf of New Jersey in order to prevent firearms from being purchased illegally and by prohibited individuals.

“New Jersey experiences an average of 280 gun-related homicides, 184 gun-related suicides, 764 non-fatal interpersonal shootings, and 599 unintentional shootings per year,” according to the Executive Order No. 83.

When New Jersey does business with irresponsible gun manufacturers, the state potentially prolongs the issue instead of solving it. As a result, included in the order, the state government is now allowed to purchase firearms only from manufacturers that have been deemed responsible, thus preventing further gun incidents in the state.

Murphy states, “If we find folks not living up to our standards, we reserve the rights to stop doing business with them moving forward.” Stressing the consequences of ineffective gun safety laws, Murphy is cementing the fact that this is a major problem that must be dealt with appropriately and effectively. 

“Gun violence disproportionately impacts our State’s racial and ethnic minorities and young adults and has also increased fear and anxiety among our schoolchildren,” stated in the Executive Order No.83. The overall purpose of this order is to increase public safety and rid the public’s fear of possible gun incidents. Gun violence has indirectly affected public opinion on racial and ethnic minorities and young adults, to prevent further division between the people of New Jersey. Murphy has decided to unite the state under an anti-gun violence belief. As Murphy pushes for gun safety, parents need not worry about the possibility of either them or their children being harmed in public due to a firearm