Final Exams


Janiya Cox

On June 17th, through June 20th there will be final exams at Manville high school. Monday, June 17th students will be taking exams for periods 1, 2, and 4 at 7:45 AM to 12:35 PM. If students have lunch 4th period, they may leave at 11:05 AM when they are finished with their 1st and 2nd period exams.

Next, on Tuesday, June 18th at 7:45 AM there will be Period 3 final exams at 9:15 AM. After, students will  be able to take a break from exams and clean out their lockers. Following, there will be period 7 final exams and then period 5. If students have lunch 5th period, they may leave after they take their 5th period exam.

On Wednesday, June 19th  at 7:45 AM ,there will be make up exams just in case a student has missed an exam for a period. If not, them students may come in at 9:25 AM to start their 8th period exam. After, students will have their 6th period exams.

On Thursday, June 20th there will be make up exams at 7:45 AM. If a student is a senior they will have a senior breakfast and graduation practice at 9:00 AM. Also, the students who don’t have to take the make up exams, do not have to come in  to school that day meaning Wednesday, June 19th will be the last day of school for many.

Additionally, if  students do not have a final exam, they don’t have to come to school during that period. Students can come in late and also leave early, but they can not leave and come back if they don’t have a middle period exam. If a student is a senior and they have a average grade of 90 in any class they will be exempt from taking the final exams.