Class of 2019 Future Plans

Class of 2019 Future Plans

Maria Castro

As graduation day fastly approaches, MHS seniors are making big decisions on where they’ll be heading this coming fall. Many are preparing to attend college or university, others are getting ready to serve our country in the armed forces, and others are going straight into the workforce. According to the the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of students projected to attend American colleges and universities in fall 2018 was 19.9 million, which is higher than the enrollment of 15.3 million students in fall 2000, but lower than the enrollment peak of 21.0 million in fall 2010. Total college enrollment is expected to increase between fall 2018 and fall 2027 to 20.5 million.Some 6.7 million students will attend 2-year institutions and 13.3 million will attend 4-year institutions in fall 2018. About 17.0 million students are expected to enroll in undergraduate programs, and 2.9 million are expected to enroll in post baccalaureate programs.

College is not the only option for graduating seniors though. Currently, the number of high school seniors choosing to enlist in the armed forces is lower than previous years. There are 33.4 million Americans ages 17 to 24, the Army’s prime demographic for enlisting and commissioning, but when you whittle that number down for standards, quality, and interest? Only about 136,000 are left. MHS seniors are taking the initiative to be apart of that small, but mighty, percent of young people choosing to serve our country. Many graduates also go straight into the workforce after high school. In 2018, the labor force participation rate (the proportion of the population that is employed or looking for work) for recent high school graduates enrolled in college was 36.4 percent.


Here is a list of all the Senior’s future plans after graduation:

Delaware State University

Zytajsha Abner

Kean University

Samantha Alexandre

Rohailli Beato

Alex Fisher

Johe Mayhuire

Gavin Potts

Nicole Rojas

Lycoming College

Alexis August


Kyle Budd

Renee Lozier

Mindy Sonnenberg

Montclair State University

Marina Saburova

NJIT-New Jersey Institute of Technology

Jonathan Clarke

Rutgers University

Jonathan Bamgboye

Maria Castro

Samantha Cruz

Nicole Galvin

Gabriela Lapinska

Kevin Rodriguez

RVCC-Raritan Valley Community College

Shelsie Adams

Justin Antonio

Greivin Arias

Georgette Ashford-Afful

Christine Barrantes

Justin Bryla

Connor Budd

Joshua Burek

Michael Burke

Dylan Cascante

Lianne Cordova

Aniya Dinkens

Berania Dolores

Anthony DeSanto

Jonathan P. Drost

Becky Drury

Brithney Endara

Aaron Fiber

Mariah Garcia

Ashley Gonzalez

Monserrat Gonzalez-Barragan

Kristen Hanover

Pablo Hernandez

Yessica Hormaza

Joel Jimenes

Hailey Kownacki

Maja Kordek

Piotr Kurasinski

Jayson Lopez

Martin Majernik

Tatyana Mercado

Susanne Molesko

Michelle Mora

Jose Moreno

Edson Munoz

Zach Paluch

Ariann Perez

Tianalei Rogolifoi

Jasmarae Ruiz

Oscar Ruiz

Rania Saleh

Isabella Sanchez

Priscila Segura-Vega

Eric Sinchi

Shelby Slater

Bradford Schuyler

Brittney Solarte

Katherine Yanicek

Emme Vornlocker

Trent Warmke

Diana Yakobchuk

Hendry Zuniga

Samantha Zuza

TCNJ-The College of New Jersey

Samantha Haseloff

Gabe Van Buren

Technical School

Jordan Czarrunchick

Nick Didia

Chris Vargas

University of Vermont

Brooke Hoodja

Direct Employment

Adon’Rich-ter Datu

Giancarlo Hernandez

Jeremy Holloway

Kameron Jett

Kevin Martinez-Lacan

Tomas Salguero Hernandez

Joel Toala-Pincay


Kiera Caswell

Angelina Leotti

Kyle Patetta

Jon Serrano


Congratulations Class of 2019, we wish you all the best of luck!