MHS takes Spring Break

Tiara McLean

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It’s now the beginning of May, spring break was not even two weeks ago. Students are back in school yet this does not stop them from reminiscing about their time off. Children who are attending school look forward to spring break, not only because they are getting away from school, but because they can do more fun activities when not being held up in school. 

Most students at Manville high school said, “I hung out with my friends,” over their spring breaks. Some students when they are in school, they don’t get to see their friends as often as they would outside of school. So many took advantage of this over spring break.  Another student expressed that they were able to visit Niagara falls, which is an exciting and unique spring break. While some students complained about how much free time they got while being home and claimed it’s not enough time for them.

Many students usually have to go to work after school hours, so it was a nice break for those so they didn’t have to go to school and work in the same day. They could take their time and be productive in other ways before their jobs, a luxury they normally do not get during regular school hours.

Spring break was a good outlet for MHS students because kids had the chance to be more productive by working extra hours, looking for new job opportunities, or partake in any activity they normally wouldn’t do.