Should Kids Keep Doing Chores?


Tiara McLean

Should kids keep doing chores? Sometimes parents wonder if they should give their kids chores. After all, it is the parents responsibility to manage the household. Most kids have busy schedules too. They rush from one activity to another, like a wild animal using the limited time they have left to do chores.

Giving kids chores may be one of the most important things a parent can do because not only does it teach the kid responsibility, it teaches them life skills. Parents wonder if their kids should ever do chores. In my opinion, I think they should because it helps them gain responsibility and organization for their future.

When kids don’t do chores they get lazy and lose focus on what organization is. Chores help maintain kids from doing the opposite of what’s right. Chores teach children responsibility and ownership. Therefore, I believe they still should continue to do chores so that the younger generations can keep benefiting from them.