A Season to Remember


Yiraldo Campos

With the conclusion of not just an average season, but an amazing season, forensics has come to an end for the year. While the team facing an adversity of obstacles, this year this did not stop them from succeeding. While taking a look back to when the forensics team just started, it is clear that the team has come a long way. Going from maybe winning 1 or 2 trophies to winning 3-5 trophies in one competition this year was a huge stride in the right direction. The team did not just win many trophies this year, but the team also gained numerous titles and records.

This team thus far has won team sweepstakes for the first time in team history; which for those that don’t speak forensics this is when students make finals and all their scores are added up and then 6 schools that have the top score in the end win team sweepstakes. This title was won on February 2, 2019 at Elizabeth High school by the MHS forensics team. But it doesn’t stop there, the team has won first place in the competitions 2 times this season. Additionally, Mouctar Diarra and Nicholas Imerlishvili were the first students from MHS to receive first place since the team initially started. On top of all that, Yiraldo Campos was able to double break at summit High school being the first person from Manville to do so. Again, those who don’t speak the forensics language, a double break is basically when a competitor is entered into a tournament under two events and they make finals for both.

With every obstacle that comes their way, the team is a true representation that as long as you put in the time, passion, and energy towards an activity, nothing can stay in your way. Maria Castro, who is the current captain of the team, speaks out to say, “I’m so proud of the team and everything they’ve accomplished. I’ve been fortunate to see them all grow over the course of these past few years, and it’s been so amazing to watch. It’s really gratifying to see the club and team I’ve cared about for so long finally get the recognition it deserves.” While this team has a long way to go before they start taking home a lot more wins, it is hoped that with more students that join, MHS can prove to other teams that although the Manville team is small, size does not matter.

If the team is doing so well with only 11 students, imagine how they can do with at least double their current size. While forensics might take a good chunks of a student’s time, it provides so many doors for the future and students gain so much knowledge throughout the season. Not only political information is gained, but a look into different societies, cultures and major problems in this world. While students are able to choose political issues, they have the opportunity to focus on social problems ranging from rape, abortions, slavery, to even animal testing. While gaining information, students can also learn new social and public speaking skills that will aid in the future. Nicholas Imerlishvili, a freshman and first year debater on the forensics team states, “I have learned many valuable lessons from this year in forensics. Throughout the year, I improved collaboration skills with my club members, gained incredible amounts of information, became a better speaker, and overall a better debater. I hope that I keep gaining many more essential qualities in the future, and achieve more goals.”

Nicholas Imerlishvili, leaves us with his message to the seniors expressing, “I want to say a huge thank you to the seniors that are leaving, and everyone who has helped me become a better debater. This year, I had many upperclassmen who assisted me, and gave me motivation to do better and persevere. In a word, I appreciate all the seniors and upperclassmen that have guided me throughout this year.” This activity is highly recommended to everyone; it may turn a shy, quiet student to a formal, profession, young adult that are able to stand in front of a crowd and are able to articulate themselves about a topic they are so passionate about. This is not just a team, but a family that grows together and push each other to do better and succeed.