Cell Phone use in Schools

Cell Phone use in Schools

Tiara McLean

Why are Cell Phones typically not allowed in school? Distraction; the phones are always in the student’s hand and are constantly going off. Students look at their phone even when they don’t know their looking at it, that’s how much of a habit these phones are to the students. Students are more focused on what is going on inside their phones when they should be worried about what is going on inside their classrooms. This can cause students to lose focus in class.

Students should not need to use their phones for researching in class or for other class activities because now Manville High School provides Chromebooks for that purpose. Students’ grades start to fail because their worlds revolve around their phones, and not around their education. When you look at your phone, it can take about five minutes to refocus again. Since your work isn’t being stored in your brain, you are forced to re-track what you missed during those five minutes while also trying to do the material at that moment. This causing students not being able to get their work done, even resulting in some students failing.

Other aspects such as, cyber bulling can take the attention away from school education because students are so concerned with what is being said online and how the outcome would be for themselves during both in and outside school hours. This additional issue could help being combated if the phones were not present in school. Phones should stay home or be giving to the teacher before every class to prevent this.

Students who are always on their phone can lack focus and potentially even fail the semester. Students should not be dealing with outside matter during school hours so that they can put all their time and energy towards their education. Removing phones from school can also decrease the act of cyber bullying during school hours, thus creating an overall healthier and more positive school environment for students.