The Captain of the Ship

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The Captain of the Ship

Renee Lozier

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Manville High School is a small town school with high standards. There have been many changes being implemented throughout MHS such as, upgrades with technology like chromebooks, a 9 period day is discussed, as well as the addition to new staff members. In recent years, Manville High School has even inherited a new principal. Why not get to know the background of the man who runs it all? Manville High School’s principal, Mr. Daniel Hemberger.   

Mr. Hemberger is a new addition to the Manville High school community. He recently started working in the district where students began to show their appreciation for this change. Even though some students didn’t quite understand the retirement of our old high school principal, Dr. Brunn, over time students at MHS gave Mr. Hemberger a chance by starting to learn more about our new principal thus gaining a better understanding of him.

He grew up in a town similar to ours, Hackettstown New Jersey. He compared his high school experience explaining it was very similar to ours. He attended multiple clubs provided by the school, he received honor roll, he enjoyed playing sports, he didn’t always like doing his work, but he switched his mindset when he attended college where he got better at doing assignments for school.

Moving on in life, Mr. Hemberger furthered his education at Centenary College as a sports athletic trainer/therapist major initially, but he quickly changed his mind to an English major. So how did his path lead him on a journey on becoming a high school principal?

His face lit up with enjoyment when asked more specifically about Manville. He expressed that,  “Everyone in this town feels like family,” continuing on saying that his first day working under this town that he got the overall friendliness feel and he felt like it was the right fit for him. He also added that he appreciates how kind Manville is to have welcomed him so comfortably.

When discussing different aspects relating to being a principal, Mr. Hemberger said that being a principal is being like being “the captain of the ship.”  You run the boat and change its path, but it’s open for opportunities and improvements just like the open sea, even at times when things come rough we all work together to get further into our journey of being apart of Manville High School.

In conclusion Mr. Hemberger is a major stepping stone in the uprising of Manville High School’s overall education and its progressive changes.