Gala Themed Prom Graces MHS


What better way to end off the 2023 Manville school year than with a prom? On May 18th, 2023, Manville High School hosted its 2023 prom at the Bridgewater Manor with over 200 students attending. Students arrived at the school at 5 pm in preparation to leave on coach buses for the prom at 6 pm. Dressed up in dazzling and elegant suits and dresses, students were welcomed into the venue to begin their “gala-themed” prom. Starting off their cocktail hour, attendees were served tasty hors d’oeuvres and refreshing drinks.  Attendees also had opportunities to take photos around the decorated venue. Around 7 pm, promgoers were sent into the ballroom to their tables. 

With the help of the DJ, students began to make their way over to the dance floor. There was a photo booth set up, giving students the chance to take photos with their friends and dates. Dinner which was served at 7:30,  consisted of different kinds of pasta, quesadillas, fries, and breads. With slips left on the dining tables, students got to vote for the 2023 prom king and queen, along with prince and princess. The title of prom King and queen was given to Isabella Guzman and Geoffrey Mathis. The follow-up titles of Prom Prince and Princess were given to Brook Gleason and James Mascola. The night ended with a beautifully displayed dessert bar. 

For Manville High School seniors, this prom was definitely a night to remember and as for the Juniors, they cannot wait to attend next year’s prom. We, students, would like to thank all of the teachers and staff who were involved to make this night a success! Thank you and to next year!