The Final Season Comes to a Close


Hannah Janes

Last week, the spring sports season began to come to a close with two out of the three teams playing their final games. The softball and baseball teams made their runs in their respective state playoffs, but both teams ultimately fell short. Some of the track team is continuing their season in state sectionals starting Friday, June 2. The softball team finished their season 8-13, with some accomplishments being a 4-game winning streak at one point in their season, winning their opening game, ending South Hunterdon’s 25 conference game win streak, and beating the fifth seed in their opening states game.

Moving on to the baseball team, they finished their season 14-8 which is the first winning record in baseball since 2006. Their accomplishments are, a first-round home counties game and winning, two home states games both with wins, a 5-game winning streak at the beginning of their season as well as a 4-game winning streak towards the end, and many more. Both teams have way more accomplished and much more to talk about but with the season ending the teams say goodbye to their seniors. On both teams, the seniors played a vital role in the successes this season and the two previous seasons. 

The track team continued to make huge strides throughout the running community the entire season and continues to make the school proud throughout their upcoming state sectional run. Their accomplishments are some of the biggest the school has seen in many years such as, the boys winning the Mountain Division Title for the first time in 36 years, the girl’s 4×100 varsity team broke the school record with a new time of 54.6 seconds, and many other individuals continue to break records as the days go on. Just like all the teams that have competed this year, track will tremendously miss their leaders and the ones who build the team up like no other. As this spring season comes to an end, we remind our athletes that we are proud of them and what they have accomplished, we wish them luck whether it’s coming back to high school or starting fresh in college.