2022-23 Yearbook Highlight


Amy Fields

The Yearbook seems to get better and better every year, so if you think last year’s book was good, just wait until you see the 2022-2023 book! You can purchase the book during the last week of school if you have not already, but there is a limited amount so you better beat the crowd! 

Although the organization has been through many changes, the students involved have really pulled through and continued to pour in lots of hard work to make yet another memorable artifact. Yearbook not only was made a club once again after being an elective last year but there are also two new advisors for it who stepped up to the plate even as first-year teachers here at Manville High School. With little to no knowledge of how to form a yearbook, these staff members fully formed a club and are deep into the progress of finishing the yearbook. These two staff members are Mrs.Ortiz and Dr.Hur; they had to figure out scheduling picture day and organize it along with making sure all the pictures for clubs and special events were taken to be displayed in the yearbook. 

All of the yearbook club members devoted their time to make sure every page was perfected in their eyes. All the sports pictures that were sorted through and captioned on the pages, the special events like homecoming, and the play getting their own sections and needing their share of pictures and captions. The theme of the book this year was similar to an all-star theme leaving the book to have a feeling of throwbacks and good old times. There were many debates on the cover of the yearbook and how to make it fit with this theme, going back and forth between using an emblem like a watermark or having the old logo with the Mustang to make it feel even more like a real throwback. It was decided that the yearbook has neither and instead shows a new design that was created with the “M” logo and a watermark of a Mustang on the back cover. This book will surely be a book that everyone will want to keep and display for years to come, so don’t miss out!