Competing for Greatness at the MHS Volleyball Tournament


Lucas Velando

Manville High School’s Junior Class Advisors created a volleyball tournament where students could participate and battle against each other to raise funds for the junior class. The main goal was to fundraise additional money that will go to this year’s prom. Mr. Kevin Caldwell and Mr. Dan McMahon ran it and roughly made around a whopping $500.

There were many competitive games such as the one in the semifinals between The Power Rangers team and The Bubble Guppies. There were notable plays in this semi-final game against The Power Rangers and The Bubble Guppies; it went to 25 points until it was decided. The last two teams standing were The Girthy Birds and The Power Rangers. The Girthy Birds consisted of seniors while The Power Rangers team consisted of all freshmen. The finals were a heck of a battle since The Power Rangers who consisted of underclassmen nearly defeated a team filled with towering Seniors.  The Girthy Birds ended up pulling through to win the tournament, along with the winning award, which was one small bobblehead trophy and a $5 Starbucks gift card to each player on the team. 

Overall, the Volleyball Tournament was a competitive night filled with high-energy teams battling for funds for the prom!