Spring Sports Have Sprung into Action


Hannah Janes

Spring sports kicked off recently and the start of this exciting season has created a stir among the student body. Spring sports seem to be the time when many athletes of this small tight-knit school thrive and show off the best of their skills. Manville High School’s track and field team, coached by Ms. Baker and Mr. Ruggini, take the running world by storm by constantly breaking records and consistently paving the way for future athletes to make Manville even more recognized. The baseball team continues to prove their strong upperclassmen strength and shows off their well-rounded athletes who take on any position Coach Synder needs them to. And finally, the softball team closes the team roundup with their talent-ridden team and the diverse lineup Coach Denapoli constructs each year. With another strong upperclassmen hand the softball team looks to make way for another successful season after finishing with a winning record last year, the first across all girls sports for MHS since 2006, and making a run to the sectional semi-finals in 2021.

The baseball and softball teams look to start their official seasons with opening day on April 4 while track and field follow shortly after with their first meet on April 12. Clearly, Manville High School’s spring athletes continue to demonstrate pure talent and skill and prove their potential every year making it harder for the future to compete. Good luck to all athletes, teams, and coaches involved this season.