Overview of Manville High School’s February Class Comps


Manville High School’s most recent class comps were held on February 17th, 2023. Spirit week leading up to the actual competitions consisted of Monday slumber party day, Tuesday was colors of love to celebrate Valentine’s day, Wednesday wearing pink because on ‘Wednesdays we wear pink,’ Thursday was throwback Thursday, and lastly Friday the students were to wear their class colors (Seniors; blue, Juniors; yellow, Sophomores; green, and Freshmen; red). 

During the actual event of class comps, fun games were played consisting of hanging donuts, musical chairs, knockout, hula hoop contest, and tug of war. Some of these games were the ones that are usually played, but some were new to change it up.

The seniors have been keeping up with their winning streak since class competitions started, until this one where this time the juniors took the win. Manville High School Staff also had a few teachers participate, including Mr. Venuto, Ms.DiGena, Mr. Bubnick, Mr. Zilinski, Mr. DeNapoli, Mr. Kurzius, Mr. Wallster, Mrs. Harper, Ms. Clint, Mr. Caldwell, Ms. Moebius, Mr. Wright, and Mrs. Kauffman who all participated in the tug a war against the seniors. 

Placements for each game are as followed:

  • Musical chairs, juniors took first place
  • Hula hoop survivor, juniors took first place
  • Four Coner Relay, juniors took first place
  • Donut eating contest, juniors took first place
  • Cupids wrapping station, juniors took first place
  • Knockout, juniors took first place
  • Banner Contest, the freshman took the win for the best banner

This class comp was not only Manville High School’s first one of the year 2023, but it was also not before a break, and it also had new and different games which many enjoyed, which the school’s great teachers and staff members joined in for. The next class comps are anticipated to take place on April 6, which the school is excited about, and hope to see all grades present sporting their class colors!