MHS Welcomes Another New Staff Member for the 2022-23 School year: Mrs. Grace Ortiz


Ali Mendez

Manville School District has welcomed many new staff members this year, one being Mrs.Grace Ortiz. Mrs.Ortiz is a Special education teacher and MHS students have most likely seen her in the halls at least once so far this year bouncing from room to room. 

Mrs.Ortiz communicated that she was very set on having a job that allowed her to work with kids as she’s never really liked a job unless they were included. It is always great to have a teacher who loves their job and all aspects of it. She also loves the fact that each student is unique and has their own personality. She verbalized that every day is a different day with the amount of diversity you see as a teacher among students. 

Her major is in English and teaching students with disabilities. Her reasoning for choosing this major is that she wanted to help as many students as she could and learn the best ways to work with all students. Working at Manville High School is actually a very different environment for Mrs.Ortiz as she now gets to see and work with students from all different grade levels compared to her previous teaching experience. 

MHS is lucky to have a new addition to the staff this year. If you see Ms.Ortiz in the halls don’t hesitate to say “hi!”