MHS Welcomes New Digital Photography and Video Production Teacher: Mr. Christopher Del Prete


Stephanie Marabito

There’s a new Digital Photography and Video Production teacher at Manville High School, Christopher Del Prete.

Mr. Del Prete communicated his prior experience with teaching by saying: “I was a sub for a year at East Brunswick Vo-Tech prior to this! This is my first real teaching job.”

He said the reason he was brought to Manville was, “My dad’s best friend lives here so I already knew my way around a little. I like it all pretty much; Manville is a really great town and I feel very fortunate to have both found a job opening here and get the opportunity to teach here.”

It is important for teachers to feel some type of passion or interest in the subject they are teaching. He responded with what he enjoys about video and film with, “I love film, I always liked stories growing up and film was always my favorite way to enjoy a story being told. A visual element for me always adds more to a story and helps me envision everything the words are trying to say.” 

Many people can have different first impressions of Manville. “It reminded me of my old high school actually. Everyone is very nice and the school itself is fantastic. It felt like home right away,” Mr. Del Prete stated.

Lastly, he vocalized why he wanted to be a teacher, “I like to help. I’ve always been a big helper and have always had the want to teach. When I found out I could teach what I am right now, it was like it was meant to be.” 

Manville High School welcomes the creativity aspect Mr. Del Prete will bring to the photography and film department.