Battle of the Rivals

Battle of the Rivals

Ashley Tomaszfski

Every school has its rival; some schools don’t find it as competitive as other schools. However, some students take these games very seriously and make sure it is a huge turnout. The stands should be packed, the student section should be loud, and students must do the most with school spirit. At Manville High School, most students take rival games very seriously, especially against the town next door, Bound Brook. After a win against any team students feel great, but knowing their team won against the rival feels even better. Both teams are equally matched in their ability, making these rival games that much more intense. 

There was an away football game on October 21st, 2022, with Bound Brook against Manville. With Manville having a lead in the first quarter with 10 points, Shawn Purcell scored a touchdown, with Alex Orzol making the extra 1-point field goal. Orzol also finished the quarter with a 3-point field goal. 

By the second quarter, Manville had a very far lead, finishing at halftime with 38 points while Bound Brook had yet to make it on the scoreboard. Shawn Purcell scored 3 more touchdowns, as well as a touchdown by Ethan Mullins assisted by Danny Wildgoose. Alex Orzol also made 4, 1-point field goal kicks.

In the third quarter, Shawn Purcell scored 1 touchdown with a failed kick. Ending the third quarter with 44 points. At the conclusion of the game, Shawn Purcell had one last touchdown, and Alex Orzol with the final kick of the game. The buzzer ended the game with a final score of 51-0. 

It is not only for the football team that Manville High School goes all out against their rivals of Bound Brook but for soccer, most students show up too. Starting with the Girl’s soccer team, who played Bound Brook here at Manville on October 8th, 2022. This game was tough for the girl’s soccer team, but they still put their all into it. Caitlin Brennan with 8 saves as the goalkeeper. Hannah Janes scored 1 goal on Bound Brook. 

Moving on, the Boy’s soccer team played Bound Brook, home at Manville, resulting in a 5-2 win. Josh Rojas scored 2 goals with Ian Rodriguez, Anselm Cordero, and Lenin Rios each scoring 1 goal. Jayson Ramirez had 2 assists also. The Boy’s soccer game ended with a 5-2 win over Bound Brook.

No matter what the team, whether it be the Manville High School’s football team, Girl’s soccer team, or Boy’s soccer team, they all battle to the end for Bound Brook games with the support of their peers.