Manville High School Homecoming 2022


Taylor Sniscak

As Manville kicks off the 2022-2023 school year, the high school also embraces various traditions, such as homecoming. After following a homecoming assembly that took place during period 4 on October 6, 2022, let’s meet our nominees: 


Marissa Morris

Hannah Janes

Natalia Musielak

Amy Fields

Abby Pastula

Isabella Guzman 


Jeffery Mathis

Shawn Purcell

Nick Bentz

Yavi Alvarez

Alex Orzol

Before the assembly, each nominee had gotten dressed and ready to make a bold entrance to the well-decorated auditorium. During the assembly, each nominee walked down the aisles of the auditorium with their escorts, while Mr. Kevin Caldwell enthusiastically read a short, autobiography about each person. The purpose of this is to encourage students to gain an understanding of each nominee to then make a knowledgeable vote for homecoming king and queen. 

Then, on October 7th, the day of the Homecoming game, Manville High School brought back its annual pep rally. Beginning at the start of 9th period, students were called down to the gym where they were welcomed by the fall sports teams, through the cheerleader’s pom tunnel, with the MHS Marching Band playing. The pep rally consisted of each fall sports team being recognized as the cheerleaders and the band performed throughout to keep the Mustang spirit high. After each team was recognized (Football, Cheerleading, Marching Band, Cross Country, Girls Soccer, and Boys Soccer), the marching band played the Alma Mater throughout the halls, joined by the entire school, to conclude the spirited Friday. 

The Manville Mustangs played Belvidere on October 7, 2022, where Manville won 39-6. Following the game, two of our homecoming nominees, Shawn Purcell and Marissa Morris communicated about the whole series of homecoming events. Both nominees also had extra involvements this night, with Shawn playing football and Marissa cheerleading. Both students enjoyed the game and had a lot of fun; both were surprised and excited that Manville High School won. They both agreed that all of the students who were nominated for the position of homecoming king and queen deserved it and they´d both like to congratulate Isabella Guzman and Yavi Alvarez for winning as the 2022 homecoming king and queen. The high school hopes to see this type of school spirit and involvement carry through for the class of 2024!