New Courses to Enhance MHS


Bill Le

It is common knowledge that High School is one of the most important four years of any person’s life; Not only does it act as the final requirement for education but also as guidance for further education in colleges and universities. The four years of high school are also the four years in which you decide what you want to major in and more importantly what you want your career to be in the future. Electives are at the center of this since it allows a sort of preview of a certain field before deciding whether you like it or not.

Manville High School isn’t like an ordinary high school. With around 50 electives ranging from Drawing to Robotics to Sport’s Marketing to Architecture, it’s almost certain to say that MHS has something for everyone. Now with the Class of 2022 leaving and the Class of 2026 entering, MHS has offered some new/revised courses

Starting next year, MHS will offer two new biology-related electives; Forensics and, Anatomy and Physiology which are set to expand interest in detective work and the Human body respectively. Two electives have also been renamed in order to appeal to students including; Architecture (formally known as CAD) and Engineering and Design (formally known as Tech Apps and Design). In addition to that, MHS continues to support ESL and ELL students as it will begin ESL Newcomer Mathematics which will give ESL/ELL students a chance to learn and develop the skills to do basic Algebra.

Overall, it is incredibly impressive that Manville, although a small town, manages to hold 50 or so electives and still has room for more. MHS’s efforts to be an inclusive and also diverse learning environment is something that we don’t see often and is something that MHS students should learn to appreciate when applying for colleges and universities or deciding what career path they will take in the future.