Weston’s 60th Celebration


Ciara Johnston

Weston Elementary School will be celebrating its 60th year on April 29th! This event will kick off at 9 AM and will run through 11 AM with a birthday celebration theme for Weston’s 60 years of excellence decorated with balloons and other decorations around the school. The day will start with breakfast and a special photo opportunity for guests who have played a vital role in the past 60 years serving the Weston Community. The grade-level presentations will take place afterward, ending with the Weston School song sing-along.
Mr. Aldo Russo, Weston’s principal communicates, “Each grade level will showcase a different decade beginning with the 60’s all the way to the 2000s by singing a song from that era. There will also be a walkthrough of the entire school for all the guests to see the changes that have gone on over the past 60 years. Photos will be available for guests to reminisce about their time at Weston.  A time capsule will also be put together out of current popular items and then be buried with the intention of uncovering it after another 60 years. Also, a sing-along of the Weston School song will take place for all to participate in, which will be led by the current and former Weston Music teachers.” Along with all these events, there will also be a display of Weston t-shirts and a photo slideshow to view.

All grades, including Pre-K through 2nd grade will take part in these events to celebrate their school. Along with the grades, the main staff facilitating this event runs smoothly consists of Aldo Russo, Dorothy Raymondi, Carl Ruffer, and Jen Rutledge. Thanks to their help, and many others, this event will surely be one to remember and commemorate Weston’s 60 years of excellence  

Weston School is very proud to announce the celebration of Weston School’s 60th Birthday. The event is led by Principal Aldo Russo, Weston School PTA, and the staff of Weston School.  This event was inspired by Aldo Russo who daily enjoys learning the history of the Manville Community. He wanted to make certain that Weston School had a special day dedicated to the role it has played as an important beginning for all Manville students.