0% Tax Referendum


Ana Yakobchuk

On January 25th, Manville voters will go to the VFW to decide whether to approve the referendum for $3.95 million to convey the structure and quality which will improve the health, safety, and wellness of the students, faculty, and community. These improvements consist of a boiler replacement at Weston School, roof replacement at Weston School, auditorium conversion to multipurpose room at Weston School, HVAC installation in the gym and auditorium at Weston School, and a kitchen floor replacement at Manville High School and ABIS. The total cost anticipated is $3,950,000 which the Manville School district will be responsible for approximately $2,093,500, and debt service aid will cover $1,856,500. According to the Board of Education, the referendum would have no effect on property taxes because of state aid and capital funds. With a budget of $1,700,000, over the last three years, Manville Schools have been able to make upgrades such as improvements to the Ned Plainfield Stadium and Athletics Fields, boys and girls locker room in MHS and ABIS, classroom and bathroom renovations throughout the schools, renovations for cafeteria B in MHS, High school faculty lounge bathrooms, ABIS bleacher replacements, MHS and ABIS library and media center, and roof replacement at Roosevelt school. With an approved referendum, the Manville School District will be able to continue its upgrades to make Manville Schools a better place.