The Annual Fall Sports Awards Through the Eyes of a Senior


Justin Bamgboye

What is worse than when something great comes to an end? The answer is nothing and for most people, they are left with a feeling of melancholy. This tended to be the case for many students on the night of December 2nd. For most high school athletes, at the end of their high school season, they usually tend to look forward to next year’s season. Unfortunately, for the seniors of the fall sports, they will not be looking forward to the next high school season, but more on their future in life. As a senior myself, this was a surreal thought that I had on the night of December 2nd. The reason for this feeling was because of the closing ceremony that took place on that evening. While this night might have been sad for seniors, it was still remarkable and personally could not be forgotten.

On December 2nd at 6:00 pm, attendees arrived as the ceremony was about to commence. To begin, Mr. Venuto congratulated the athletes on our great seasons. For the first time since the 2019-2020 school year, we were finally able to get families together to experience and witness the accomplishments that their child had gotten. To start off the award-giving, the first sport to come on stage was Cheer. This year Cheer has done a number of things that were all exceptional. In both their competitions, one in the summer at UCA camp, and one during the season at Skyland’s, they placed very high. Individually, 6 of the cheerleaders were All-American. The seniors like Haylie Colombaroni and Athena Drake played a huge role this season.

Next was the boys and girls cross country. Since they usually do their own intimate ceremony prior, their section was short and sweet. Mr. Caldwell, with his new shaved head, was ecstatic to announce the accomplishments of the boys and girls. This year both groups were exceptional as the girls won their division for the first time in history. Although cross country might be an individual sport, each person played a part in the success of the program. Following cross country was football. As the coaching staff walked

up the stairs, simultaneously, the boys followed along. As football has a lot of people there was a lot to congratulate about. People like Gorbateuk, Brandon Flores, and Shawn Percell were recognized for their amazing efforts during the season. After them came us, the boys soccer. After a great season, it was truly hard to realize that this would be the last time I’m possibly on a team with these guys. Through an exceptional season we accomplished a lot. Although this might be the end for my high school sports career, this ceremony allowed me to recognize the memories and moments that I created throughout high school. Finally the girls soccer was up. This season they did a lot and from what I witnessed I was able to grow closer to each other and that was shown while they were all up on the stage.
In conclusion, when the night came to an end, everyone was dismissed but some people stayed to take photos. This was a memorable season, but although it came to an end and I could speak for a lot of people when I say this: I wouldn’t change a thing.