The Shining Star of September: Brandon Flores


Justin Bamgboye

Once every week on the nights of Fridays, there is a star shining. Instead of the star shining in the sky, it is shining on the football field with a number 6 on his back. This player has been outstanding so far this season and doesn’t plan on stopping. This player that has done the unimaginable is no other than the senior, Brandon Flores-Salazar.

Captain of the football team, Brandon has helped his team to succeed. So far this season, Brandon has run a whopping 383 yards. Within those 383 yards, Brandon has been able to score 6 touchdowns which have helped the team win multiple games. Flores has scored a touchdown in every game besides two games. Against Montclair Kimberly, Flores scored 3 touchdowns and had 108 yards. This was his best down game of the season so far. While being able to score and help the team offensively as a running back, he also helps defensively as a defensive back. While playing defense, Brandon has been able to participate in 16 tackles. All of these statistics have given Brandon an outstanding season, and the title of Athlete of the Month for September.

When hearing that he was picked for athlete of the month, Brandon was overly ecstatic that he was picked for athlete of the month. While being good on the field, Brandon also pushes to be the best in academics. To Brandon, academics are just as important as football is in his life. Brandon puts a lot of dedication into both of these aspects of his life. Throughout high school, Brandon has been trying to improve on his academics. He puts a lot of effort into academics so he can be a role model for his teammates on and off the field. As the captain, Brandon is seen as the leader of the team and Brandon plans to keep that image and make it better by becoming a better student.

Although Brandon is great at football, he is also phenomenal at wrestling. While playing football in the fall, Brandon also plays wrestling in the winter. He strives to be the best in both sports. When asked about his future, Brandon answers, “I plan to wrestle in the NCAA and get my college degree… I would like to go into real estate and start my own business one day.” Brandon has a bright future ahead of him and continues to flourish in football.