Manville’s Interim Principal, Mr. Brown


Veronica Fisher

The start of the 2021-2022 school year for Manville High was unlike any other, with COVID-19, hurricane Ida, and an interim principal. An interim principal is someone who steps in to be a temporary replacement for the previous principal until the actual principal can. That’s where Mr. Brown comes in.

Mr. Brown has been a principal to many children ranging from pre-k all the way to high school. He actually spent the last twenty years at Sayreville War Memorial High School. He hasn’t seen many differences between our school and the last “Kids are kids, they all have aspirations, some good, some not so good,” says Brown.

Mr. Brown enjoys being a principal because he has enough control to make sure it is a safe place and to allow his students to be who they are. He feels good when he sees his graduates move on to bigger things like the NFL, or Ivy League schools. So when he got the call to step in as interim principal he was more than happy to, because after all, it is his favorite thing to do.

Brown’s biggest accomplishment would be his five grandchildren that he loves more than life, he tries his best to spend time with them every opportunity he gets. Other than his family he is extremely proud to have been involved in administration and teaching for 42 years and got to witness so many incredible changes and so much growth.

Mr. Brown’s leadership style is student-centered, he likes to advocate for students and that translates into the curriculum, clubs, and activities. He believes that his high school students are “having the time of their lives” and wants to add to their experiences. He’s actually never had a ‘principal’ sign anywhere on his door or desk because if someone didn’t know he was the principal he “wasn’t doing something right”.

Mr. Brown believes that to be an excellent principle you have to be patient. “Patience is a virtue” with students, staff, and processes. You will also have to be strong because your students are relying on you to do the right thing. Lastly, you would have to be determined because not everything is going to flow perfectly, and there will always be ups and downs but you just have to push through and remember the goal.

Dr. Maroun called Mr. Brown in to fill in and Brown hopes to leave this school with a sense of satisfaction that he not only helped a friend but also that he gave a warm welcome to the staff and students to the new school year.