The School Store is Back!


Justin Bamgboye

Is normalcy really upon us? In Manville High School, it is very close to becoming normal again. With the reopening of the school came also the reopening of the school store. This year it will be run by the business teacher, James Zilinski. Mr. Zilinski is very experienced in the field of business. Now as the new business teacher he is the perfect fit for the job. Although he might be the new business teacher, he has been working in the Manville High School for many years. Therefore, he is very well known by the students of the school. Since he knows most of the students very well, he has incorporated that into the school store. This year, the school store will be run by Mr. Zilinski’s business students. When interviewed, Mr. Zillinski was asked the question, “What does it mean to have the school store back open after not fully being in school for almost two years?” Mr. Zilinski answered with: “Quite frankly, to me it really is an opportunity for the students to show how well they can run a business. It brings together their actual classroom experience with the actual experience of running a business.

From Mr. Zilinski’s point of view, the school store is just an opportunity for students to learn. As a teacher that is his main goal with whatever he does but that is not only his goal as a teacher/manager of the school store. Students will be focused on selling items: water bottles, phone wallets, pens, pencils, sweatshirts, sweat pants, tee shirts, and so on. These will all be provided for customers to buy. The plan is to sell these items during lunch periods during school, but when school and students get more of a feel for the products, then items will be sold at sporting and future events. Therefore, in the end, the school store is beneficial to all residents of Manville. “…while providing an opportunity for students and their families to purchase Manville Mustang labeled items. Any profit that is made will be used to offset costs to class sponsored activities,” Mr. Zilinski communicated.

Everyone will get something out of this school store, whether it is directly or indirectly. With the opening of the school store, a sense of normalcy is continuing to flow through Manville High School.