Start of the Cheer Season


Alison Rindgen

School has just started which means cheerleading season has arrived! The cheerleaders started off this season by going to Pine Forest Cheer Camp in Pennsylvania for 4 days. After their hard work from camp, they had to cut a few practices due to the flooding. They may have lost some practice time, but they are still ready to cheer at all of the football games and hopefully competition this year led by senior captains, Athena Drake and Haylie Colombaroni. 

It’s important for the cheerleaders to attend the games because they help bring the energy up. They motivate students and teachers to attend the football games each week. The energy cheerleaders bring into the game makes the players feel motivated. Cheerleaders help the audience stay entertained by doing cheers that interact with them, stunts sequences, and more. They are excited to perform their new halftime routine which they learned at camp, in front of all the students, teachers, and more. The girls set an example to the students and audience that by their spirit, they can help the team by winning. The girls encourage people to attend the upcoming games to support their town. MHS cheerleaders are needed for the school years because they lift up the spirit and are overall an influence on the school.