First Home Game of the Season


Franchessca Votteler

It was a warm Friday night, the stands were bustling with excitement as everyone was awaiting for the game to begin. The brand new football field was beaming in all its glory, the bright blue, gold, and green. It was going to be a big night at Manville High School; things were finally starting to get better after all the hardship the town has been through. Before the start of the football game, Dr. Maroun, the superintendent, planned a Manville Strong Celebration to honor volunteers and organizations that had helped out Manville post-hurricane Ida as well as a commencement ceremony to take time to tribute the new football field. The Manville Strong celebration began with student council president, Colin Weber, and vice president, Franchessca Votteler, giving an introduction and announcing the names of the honorees. The honorees included the following: “The Manville Board of Education, Mayor Onderko, our Town Council and other local Community Leaders, the Somerset County Animal Shelter, the Manville Public Library, the Manville VFW, the Manville Department of Public Works, The Manville EMS, The Manville Fire Department, The Manville Police Department, the Manville School District Administration led by Mr. Michael Magliacano, the Manville Faculty and Staff, and the Manville Student and Community Volunteers”. The cheerleaders and some color guard members, created a tunnel for the honorees, as they walked through the new football field they were cheered on by the crowd. Finally, Dr. Maroun took the stage and ended the ceremony with the new features that Manville High School has been provided with. Such as new student locker rooms and upgrades to the Ned Panfile Stadium. This was exciting news for Manville students and staff.

At about 7:00 pm the football game began. The Manville High School football team went against Montclair Academy. The stands were packed and everyone was excited for the game, the student section was loud and ready; with chants that fired up the football team and encouraged them to push on. For the first home football game of the school year, it was like nothing had changed. It was a great way to be back on the beautiful new field of Manville High School. The atmosphere was spectacular and the win from the boys made the new football memorable. They continued their win streak as on the previous Friday, the football team beat Dunellen High School by a long shot at their away game. The expectations were high, but the football team had nothing to worry about, right from the start Manville was wiping the opponent away. By the end of the game, the score was an impressive 41-0, everyone was thrilled, it was the perfect end to a long day.