Manville Soccer Boys Senior Night to be Memorable, Playing Against their Rival: September 23, 2021


Ryan Rodriguez

The Manville Soccer Seniors are Justin Bamgboye, Daniel Vega, Ryan Rodriguez, Mark Bueno, Jeryk Coto, and Donald Rotz. The boys have been waiting for this night since Freshman year looking up to the seniors at the time. The Manville High School Soccer Boys are going up against their rival, Bound Brook on Thursday, September 23. The past few years, it has been even between the two teams when they go up against each other.

This year’s Varsity captains are Daniel Vega, Mark Bueno, Justin Bamgboye, and Ryan Rodriguez. Justin and Ryan were captains last year as juniors and have had the most experience on varsity on the team since freshman year. The captains helped the team in the summer to get prepared not only for their senior night but to have an amazing and memorable season.

The Manville boys had a successful preseason which the boys ended up with 2 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tied game. Justin had an amazing start in the preseason with 8 goals and now has 3 goals in the normal season. Ryan has 1 goal, Jeryk has 1 goal and 1 assist, and Daniel Vega has 2 assists but they’re nowhere near done. They currently have 2 wins and 1 loss but that 1 loss won’t affect them since the captains believe in their team. All the seniors play a huge part and contribute to the team even in the smallest way such as just being there for each other. However, the seniors are not the only contributor to the team; Daniel Vega and Jeremy Campos, both Juniors, were featured in a New Jersey High School Sports article saying they are standouts at their position ranked amongst the top in the state. Moving on, it will be Donald’s first time ever starting on varsity and he couldn’t be more hyped about it especially on this night: Senior Night.

The captains wouldn’t want to spend their last season with anyone else. The team brings so much happiness and light to the school even on their bad days. They all trust each other and have each other’s back no matter what. Even if the boys lose, they all self-reflect on what they could’ve done better and try to better each other no matter the circumstances. The boys have such a heart for the game that it makes them train harder and makes them want to become better. The Seniors couldn’t thank their Coach, Kenneth Eckles, anymore for making this possible and for helping them get better as the years went by. Versing their rival on their special night will give them a boost of confidence and they will hopefully come out with a victory.